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Anonymous asked: Do you use hashtags? How did you originally start to get exposure? I love your work, this is my first time seeing it thanks to the new Jonwayne song. The Shredder is so good it makes me feel really good inside! I was only curious about hashtags because a lot of people don't like to use them but if you're just posting art and not interacting with anyone on Tumblr, how does the first person discover it? Love & respect.


Yeahhh every pic that I post, I try to hashtag. The exposure just happened over time. I’ve been posting everyday for a little over a year, so it’s been a gradual build. Very thankful to all who dig & support…Stay tuned for more jonwayne collabs, I’ve signed on to illustrate all of his Monday drops…

Jonwayne - On

Breakfast with Ringgo: Mndsgn & Knxwledge - Boiler Room Los Angeles

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