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Tight Songs - Guest Selects #6: I, CED

1. Adam Santoya - Awake
2. I, CED feat. Stopha Vasquez - Soon…
3. Pete Rock x Camp Lo - Dream Journey
4. Hawthorne Headhunters feat. Rockwell Knuckles, Tef Poe & I Am - Collage
5. SB (Leon Sylvers IV) - The Gopher Mix
6. Quelle Chris feat. Denmark Vessey - Wait A Minute
7. This Is The Dope (Black Spade, TeresaJenee & Indiana Rome) - Theme Music
8. Mndsgn - Starving (Iman Omari Remix)
9. Cherrelle & Alexander O’Neal - Saturday Love (I, CED Re-Edit)
10. Moniquea - A Certain Way
11. DaM-FunK - Can You Feel This Funk In Me?
12. Andre Cymone - Naked (I, CED Moderate Remix)
13. Positive Force - Give You My Love
14. Donny Hathaway - Memory Of Our Love
15. I, CED - Here…

An exclusive mix by I, CED - made for the Tight Songs radio show, hosted by Fresh Selects, on XRAY FM:

Artwork by Gangster Doodles -

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